There's nothing more important for our happiness and health than feeling a sense of belonging and cultivating community. Community Architecture is a true art form and requires focused attention and thoughtful leadership as it’s ever changing. Humans, organizations and brands are realizing the vital importance of community building as it directly impacts their success and customer satisfaction and are no longer just hiring Community Managers out of college to "do social media". My book BELONG open sources everything I've ever learned on how to make friends and build community for your life and business. 



I love experimenting and tinkering. My most exciting physical invention is our THINX underwear technology that I co-created with my twin sister Miki and friend Antonia. We tinkered for three years with various fabrics and styles before landing on the THINX Quad Technology which currently lines every pair of THINX underwear. I'm proud to say that I hold several patents for my co-invention. We launched THINX on Kickstarter in 2013.


Designing human experiences is one of my great joys in life. Bringing people together to experience each other in a "Five Senses" capacity while most of our lives are digital and hunched over is deeply important to me. We are more isolated than ever, more stressed and anxious than ever — and creating warm, inviting, safe spaces for people to gather, dance, eat and connect are where I want to dedicate my efforts and energy. Daybreaker aligns with my ethos body mind and soul. 




I believe in supporting socially conscious and thoughtful businesses and Founders I believe in. I invest 70% of all my investments in companies with at least 1 Female Founder. With more women graduating college than men and more women starting small businesses every year than men, I'm very excited to see this tide shifting. I'm an early investor in the following incredible companies and look forward to learning about your ideas too: